Window Cleaning

Don’t worry about being up high on a shaky ladder!  Corporate Cleaning Services team members have been trained extensively in the latest safety procedures and will maintain the appearance of your business and let the sunshine in at your home by making sure your windows are sparkling clean.  The Corporate Cleaning Solutions team cleans windows, screens and leaded glass safely and effectively.  We guarantee a streak-free glass each and every time. 

"We value your view."

How We Count Windows

Standard Sized Single or Double Hung Windows

     Counts as 1 Window                      Counts as 2 Windows                                         Counts as 3 Windows

    Counts as 1 Window                      Counts as 2 Windows                                         Counts as 3 Windows

Single and double hung windows lift up and down and may be installed as a single window or have multiple windows within a single opening.  Screens are on the outside and are either full or half screens.

Casement or Sliding Windows

                Counts as 1 Window                          Counts as 1 Window                           Counts as 3 Windows

               Counts as 1 Window                        Counts as 1 Window                         Counts as 3 Windows

Casement or sliding windows will slide either left or right or they will crank out. There can be multiple windows within an opening and include a fixed piece of glass.  Screens are on the outside of a slider and the inside for casements.

Transom Windows

Transom windows are often added to the tops of single/double hung windows as well as casement windows and sliders. Window count is the same PLUS the addition of the transom(s).

Divided Windows / French Panes


Some double hung windows are styled as TDLs which are True Divided Lights.  There are two types.

Type 1 (Counts as 1 Window) - is a "false" divided window with either a removal grid made of either wood or plastic or an internal grid that is sandwiched between the interior and exterior panes of glass.

 Type 2 (Counts as 2 Windows) - is a TDL with non-removable grids. Each piece of glass is permanently separated by the divider which is more labor intensive to clean.  Counts as 2 windows

Storm Windows


Storm windows (Count as 3 Windows) have an additional set of windows attached to the exterior. Also known as Triple Track Storms, they typically slide up and down and can be removed from the interior for cleaning.

Sliding Glass Doors and Oversized Glass

Sliding doors and fixed plates of glass measuring larger than 4 feet wide x 5 feet tall are considered oversized windows.  (These count as 2 windows)

Bay, Box or Picture Windows


Each panel of bay, box or picture windows counts as a window - (Counts as 3 Windows)

Front Door

Front doors count as 1 window.